APOC ARMORY Enhanced Lower Parts Kit

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APOC Armory Enhanced Lower Parts Kits are for the builders who appreciate and demand top quality parts down to the smallest components on their rifles. When failure is not an option, this is the Lower Parts Kit you want. Every component in this LPK is American Made and backed by a lifetime guarantee. Parts are black nitride finished for added corrosion resistance. You can expect a smooth trigger pull with a crisp break at ~6lbs.

  • Mil-Spec Tactical Grip
  • Enhanced Polymer Trigger Guard
  • Semi Trigger
  • Semi Hammer
  • Semi Disconnector
  • Semi Selector
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Detent Spring
  • Bolt Catch Buffer
  • Take Down Detent
  • Bolt Catch
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Magazine Catch Button
  • Magazine Catch
  • Front Pivot Pin
  • Hammer Spring
  • Trigger Spring
  • Pistol Grip Screw
  • Pistol Grip Lock Washer
  • Selector Spring
  • Detent Selector
  • Hammer Pin
  • Trigger Pin
  • Take Down Pin
  • Buffer Retainer Pin
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Disconnector Spring

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