The Holidays Are Crazy

So between Obama and the Holiday season we've been astonished at the demand for our products. It's definitely a good thing. Most people are finding us through the awesome AR15 Builder's Forum or by word of mouth. We get rave reviews about the quality of our products. We make a huge effort to go above and beyond to get orders processed and shipped as fast as possible. These two things are why we're growing so fast. But as we grow, our systems and processes need to grow too.

Travis and everyone have been working around the clock getting caught up and we're nearly there. The only remaining orders which are still pending will be fulfilled as soon as we receive the remaining parts to assemble the order which will be as soon as tomorrow. Nothing is on long-term backorder. We've been in contact with those customers who are waiting and they have been very understanding about the delay. I can't emphasize enough, we have the best damn customers in the business. 

The real question though, is how can we keep growing and avoid bottlenecks like these? We have some ideas. We've invested both time and money in our infrastructure. We've built a great inventory tracking system which will enable us to forecast demand and update inventory levels in near real-time. It's not just software, our whole process had to change. That means now, when you're on the site, if you see that "Add to Cart" button, you can be confident we have it. Soon we'll be adding a feature where you'll see the actual number of units in stock at any given time. Next, we're revamping our fulfillment processes so that we can work more efficiently.

None of the things we're doing is ground breaking stuff but it is important for our customers to know that in addition to selling quality hardware, we're doing everything possible to make it as easy as possible to do business with us.

If you have any questions or concerns please drop us a line at


  • Josh Conner

    Thanks again to you guys for all your hard work over there suppling great parts that everyone can afford, it was worth the wait!!!

  • Jefferey Ockey

    I would like to purchase a 80% lower if you could let me know when you have some just let me know. Thank you

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